Changing Existing Orders in Alberta

The one uncertainty with divorce judgements is that circumstances can change for the parties. If this happens the parties can get together and agree on modifications to existing orders. If the parties can't agree then either party can go back to Court and ask a judge to modify the order. This can take the form of a change to child support, spousal support or custody and access may need to be changed. In most cases, we can assist you with the process. In some cases a lawyer may be needed if the change requires an appearance before a Judge. We can prepare the documents for you if you are able to make your own appearance before the Judge and state your case. Since these cases are usually fact based, the majority of information is already contained in affidavit evidence so the appearance is only needed to provide additional information or clarification of the evidence for the Judge. People should not be afraid of the Court process as the Judges will know the right questions to ask. You need to be aware that Judges will not help you make your case but they will make sure your rights are protected as long as the right issues have been raised by the documents supplied before the hearing. Our company will be glad to assist you if we can.

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