Drumheller Divorce Information

If you live in the Drumheller area you will probably file your divorce at the Drumheller Court Centre. The divorce section is located inside the lobby of the Drumheller Courthouse. The address is:

Drumheller Courthouse
511 - 3 Avenue
West PO Box 759
Drumheller, AB
T0J 0Y0

At Affordable Divorce we provide complete document preparation and filing service to people who are looking to obtain an uncontested divorce in Drumheller, Alberta. If your matter is contested, we can help you by proving referrals to qualified Drumheller Divorce Lawyers. A Drumheller Divorce Lawyer will be able to provide legal advice that will help you decide how to proceed. In many cases the dispute is over small matters that can readily be solved by utilizing our Divorce Mediation Service. With over 15 years of experience, dealing with most Court centres in Alberta, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with your divorce in Drumheller, Alberta. Please contact our office to book a free, no obligation consultation either in person, by phone, or even by email if needed. We have considerable experience with Same Sex divorces, Out of Country divorces, and divorces where one of the parties has committed adultery. We do not judge your situation, we only help you by providing the best possible assistance that we can. For information on a divorce in Calgary, Alberta, please click here.

Affordable Divorce Calgary
#125, 6707 Elbow Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta T2V 0E5
Calgary Divorce Phone: (403) 560-8550

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