Mediating Disputes for Married or Non-Married Couples

One of our most popular services is mediation. Mediation is the process of both parties meeting with a neutral third party to help the couple resolve any outstanding issues. Even if the couples do not agree on all issues mediation can reduce the cost of any legal action that follows because the matters on which the couple agrees are already set out. Mediation is non-binding and can only result in an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. It is not the mediators job to take sides, but rather to propose various alternatives that the parties may find acceptable. This varies from arbitration, which can be binding if the parties agree in advance that the decision will be binding. Mediation is becoming widely accepted as a viable alternative to Court because the parties can work together for a solution rather than having lawyers on both sides who are trying to get the best deal for their respective clients. Not all situations can be resolved by mediation but almost every situation can benefit from mediating prior consulting lawyers.

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